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Final UCAS deadline: Thursday 30 June
Applications for university courses starting in 2016 must be in by 6pm on Thursday.

Most students like their course but hate their fees
Most students are satisfied with their university experience but think they are paying too much for it, according to an official survey.

Do you need to reply to your UCAS offers today?
If you received all your offers by 5 May, you need to make your firm and insurance choices today.

Student loan petition passes 100,000 signatures
Parliament will have to consider a debate on student loan repayments following the petition's success.

New online courses will give credits towards a degree
A new online course on environmental issues will count towards a geography degree from Leeds University.

Students may need to re-register to vote in the EU referendum
If you're registered to vote at uni but not at home, you may miss your chance to vote on 23 June.

Latest university fee rises explained
The government has confirmed some universities will be able to increase their fees in 2017. Find out how the changes work and if they affect you.

More young people asking for help with exam stress
More young people than ever are looking for help with exam stress. Find out where you can go for help and advice.

How money worries affect students' mental health
36% of students say that worrying about their finances has affected their mental health, according to a new survey.

Why broadband could cost more than you expect
Broadband adverts will have to get simpler as research shows most people struggle to understand what they will pay.