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More universities to comply with consumer protection law
Universities are responding to government pressure to protect students’ consumer rights.

Female students encouraged to apply to best grad schemes
A survey has found that fewer women than men apply to graduate schemes, despite more women attending university and women who do apply being more successful overall.

Oxford University college creating new places to make applying fairer
A college at Oxford University will be offering more places in the hope of getting students from a broader range of backgrounds.

University tuition fees set to rise to £9250
University tuition fees are set to rise with inflation – meaning the upper-limit for fees will be £9250 per year from 2017.

One in four students still don’t budget
One in four university students still don’t budget. Are you one of them?

Leading universities may soon offer degrees online
Top universities could be offering undergraduates courses online within five years.

Why you shouldn’t post pics of your certificates online
Posting pictures of your certificates can help fraudsters copy certificates and steal your identity.

Is pressure to succeed harming black and minority ethnic students’ results?
New research reveals the pressure students feel to achieve top results at university, and how black and minority ethnic (BME) students are particularly affected.

Good luck with your lB results!
We’re sending positive vibes to everyone collecting their International Baccalaureate results today!

UCAS Extra choice deadline: Monday 4 July
UCAS Extra choices for courses starting in 2016 must be in by 6pm on Monday 4 of July.