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Deleting your posts should be a right, campaign says
Young people should have an easy way to correct or delete things they have posted online, according to a new report.

What do students spend their money on?
A new survey reveals how much the average student spends, and how it varies around the country.

How much does a degree really cost?
A new report looks at the how much student loans will cost over a lifetime.

Where can young people go for mental health support?
A new survey shows growing concern about mental health. Find out where you can find support if you are affected.

Maintenance grant scrapped: what does it mean for you?
Losing the maintenance grant doesn't mean you'll have less money at university. Find out how it will affect you.

Computing competition celebrates Ada Lovelace
Female students under 18 are invited to explore what modern technology the programming pioneer would be most interested in.

Get into journalism with a free summer school
Students aged 16 to 18 can get experience of journalism at the week-long News Academy Summer School.

New degree marking system planned
The government has announced plans to add a new 13-point scale to the degree class system.

How can you avoid payday loans?
A survey shows that 1.5% of students use expensive payday loans – but people who aren't in contact with their parents are at more risk.

One in four students have never budgeted
Money is often tight at university, but a quarter of students have never built a budget, according to a new survey.