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Apply for your student loan this week
New students have until the end of the month to apply for their student loans.

What should you wear for your exams?
Students at Oxford University are voting on whether they should keep wearing academic dress for exams.

Are student loan repayments changing?
Reports of tougher conditions for student loans are in the news – but don't start worrying yet.

What should you listen to while you study?
The sound of a flowing stream might be the best way to help you focus, according to a new study.

Which pays more: moving jobs or staying put?
People who stayed in the same job got a bigger pay increase last year than those who didn't, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Could putting your phone away improve your exam results?
Banning phones can boost exam results by 6%, according to new research.

The ups and downs of taking a gap year
Students who take gap years are more likely to drop out of university but have lower levels of stress, according to a new study.

More young people asking for help with exam stress
More young people than ever are looking for help with exam stress. Find out where you can go for help and advice.

94-year-old to graduate after 75 years
American Anthony Brutto has finally finished the degree he started in 1939.

New 'nap pod' helps students take a break
The University of Manchester has added a special sleeping pod to its 24-hour learning area.