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New online courses will give credits towards a degree
A new online course on environmental issues will count towards a geography degree from Leeds University.

Students may need to re-register to vote in the EU referendum
If you're registered to vote at uni but not at home, you may miss your chance to vote on 23 June.

Latest university fee rises explained
The government has confirmed some universities will be able to increase their fees in 2017. Find out how the changes work and if they affect you.

More young people asking for help with exam stress
More young people than ever are looking for help with exam stress. Find out where you can go for help and advice.

How money worries affect students' mental health
36% of students say that worrying about their finances has affected their mental health, according to a new survey.

Why broadband could cost more than you expect
Broadband adverts will have to get simpler as research shows most people struggle to understand what they will pay.

Personal statement clichés revealed
UCAS has revealed the most overused opening lines in last year's personal statements.

Oxford college to trial foundation years
A new scheme means you might not need top grades to get into Oxford.

How the degree you choose affects what you earn
New research shows that going to university pays – but some subjects and unis pay better than others.

Exams are the biggest cause of stress at school
89% of teachers think exams cause their students more worry than anything else, a survey reveals. Find out how to beat exam stress.