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What's changing about student finance?
The government has announced changes to who can get loans and grants and how they are repaid. Find out if you're affected.

Is getting a degree worth the cost?
The UK now has the highest average fees for university - but graduates are still likely to be better off overall.

Can a healthy breakfast boost your exam results?
Starting the day with a healthy meal could lead to better grades, according to a new study.

Can going abroad make you richer?
Employers are willing to pay a premium for international outlook, according to a new study.

Get a taste of US university life with the Sutton Trust US Programme
If you're in Year 12 at a state school or college, the Sutton Trust US Programme could give you the chance to experience life at a top US university.

Are tuition fees changing?
Stories about higher university fees filled the headlines last week - but what's really going on?

Students march for free education
Students are protesting in London against tuition fees and changes to student finance.

2 to 6 November is Tomorrow's Engineers Week
Find out how engineering changes the world – and how you could too.

Don't let fraudsters steal your student loan
24 websites aimed at stealing students' loan payments have been closed in the last six months.

Are universities keeping you in the dark about their courses?
Universities are breaking the law by not providing enough information to students, according to consumer group Which?