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National Engineering Competition for Girls is open now
The National Engineering Competition for Girls offers a £500 prize for the best solution to the challenges of the 21st century.

New law gives you more rights when renting
A new law to prevent 'revenge evictions' has come into force.

How understanding your rights can save you hundreds
Research reveals how not knowing your rights or being too shy to complain can cost you hundreds of pounds a year.

How much is a degree worth?
A degree boosts earnings by three times for women and two times for men, according to new research.

Could scrapping the maintenance grant be against the law?
The National Union of Students (NUS) is launching a legal challenge to the government's plans to replace maintenance grants with loans.

How much would changes to student loan repayments cost you?
Proposed changes to student loan repayments would cost the average graduate £2,800 over their career, according to new research.

When is an apprenticeship not an apprenticeship?
The government says it will crack down on fake apprenticeships, which don't provide proper training or a qualification.

Spelling and grammar errors are the biggest CV mistake, according to survey
A survey of 2,000 employers shows simple steps you can take to keep your CV out of the bin.

Which are the world's top universities?
University of Cambridge comes number three in a new survey, and there are three other UK universities in the Top 10.

Which bank offers the best student account?
Students are most satisfied with a NatWest account, according to a survey – but most students don't shop around.