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Who should you trust when you pick a university?
A new survey shows that university applicants put their trust in UCAS and open days – and don't believe adverts.

Does school prepare you for your career?
76% of secondary school pupils think that school only trains them to do exams, according to a new survey.

Good luck with your GCSE results!
We would like to wish good luck to anyone receiving their GCSE results today, and hope that you get the grades you worked so hard for.

Should there be a cap on student rents?
The National Union of Students (NUS) says that rents for student accommodation should be controlled.

Good luck with your A-level results!
We'd like to wish good luck to everyone picking up their A-level results today - and help you with whatever comes next.

International Youth Day 2015 celebrates civic engagement
Find out how you can get involved in politics, economics and society.

More students working during their degree
77% of students now work while they study, up from 59% last year, according to a new survey.

Replacement for maintenance grants confirmed
Full details of the student loans available in 2016 have been released, with most students getting more money overall.

Getting ready for A-level results day
Thursday 13 August is A-level results day. Find out what you can do to prepare.

New meningitis vaccine recommended for students and school-leavers
The new vaccine protects against more strains of the deadly disease.